clarifire-TicknerTickner - water treatment equipment sand mines

Tickner - water treatment equipment sand mines

Characteristics and advantages of Tickner used for wastewater treatment, mining of sand:

  • Water saving of 90%
  • The ability of water treatment with a capacity of 600 cubic meters per hour
  • With automatic troubleshooting system
  • Automatic discharge from the bottom up
  • Flukulant injection system automatically
  • Reduce maintenance costs and service wells deep
  • PLC system and automatic control system.
  • fast and consistent installation environment
  • The fluid flow in the reservoir system with navigation system
  • Persian menu control system for ease of operation
  • Sand production increases and avoid wasting it
  • Savings in electricity consumption of pumps for deep wells
  • Adequate water supplies for optimum production and quality products more
  • 1 year warranty on all equipment and 15 years after sales services

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Samika company in terms of Sand processing equipment, circuit design process and provide technical advice, has initiated its activities. The company relied on the use of new technologies and Iranian experts and engineers, focused on machine washing and dewatering sand