Desander Screen (EVO Wash)

Desander Screen (EVO Wash)

Desander Screen -EVO Wash

This machine washing and dewatering sand materials used in mining. Optimization of these devices, it has distinguished between similar devices is that the device Slurry pump anti-wear materials by sieving, washed and then by hydrocyclones, which is the installation of materials, and kidneys. Separate put even minuscule Size materials (fine sand) on the screen in order to squeeze out of the machine shed and mud.
This device has two 70-ton and 150-ton models (in hours) is available.


The advantages of this device can be cited in the following cases:

  • High speed washing and dewatering.
  • Keeping all these fine (sand) in the final product.
  • You do not need much space for the device.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low depreciation.
  • Eliminating the traditional system (Sand Washer Screw and Screw).
  • Quality of the final product.
  • The conduct of all other devices and restore fine residue on the device screen and thus are not fine-grained waste.

Concrete aggregate and concrete producers, consumers, are looking for quality raw materials.
You to achieve superior quality to what you thought?


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