Dewatering Screen

Dewatering Screen

This device is used for the dewatering of washed material and the mesh used in the screen of the device type polyurethane (anti-wear) and very small networks (150 to 500 microns), so the loss of fine-grained materials (fine sand), which has a considerable impact on the quality of materials to prevent.

:The advantages of this device can be noted in the following cases

Affordable device
Simple system
Low depreciation
Usability of the hydro cyclone fine materials to the restoration of all wastewater systems even more
Easy to install
Dewatering Building capacity to 150 tons per hour

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Samika company in terms of Sand processing equipment, circuit design process and provide technical advice, has initiated its activities. The company relied on the use of new technologies and Iranian experts and engineers, focused on machine washing and dewatering sand